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The all-new avast! 8 has arrived ( as well as the crack )

AVAST Software has released avast! 8, which now comes in four main flavours: avast! Free Antivirus, avast! Pro Antivirus (from $39), avast! Internet Security (from $49) and avast! Premier (from $69) all have a new touch-optimised, Windows 8-style interface. And they also include Software Updater, a tool which automatically checks for updates of the most commonly-exploited apps (Adobe Reader, Adobe AIR, Flash, Java, browsers and so on), as well as a simple Browser Cleanup app to help you review your browser addons, and remove or disable any you don’t want.

Improvements behind the scenes see avast! 8 better able to detect and block not just one the one particular sample you’ve encountered, but also many similar files, and even entire malware families.

How much it costs ?

avast! Pro Antivirus – $39

avast! Internet Security –  $49

avast! Premier –  $69

How to Crack and Activate ?

  1. Download and install the latest version of avast! edition (Internet Security,Free or Premier)
  2. Update Avast to the latest version and database
  3. Go to avast settings > troubleshooting and disable avast! self-defense module [ image ]
  4. Turn off All the Avast security (real time protection, anti virus and all)
  5. Now download and extract Avast 2050 Crack by ZeNiX 2014-03-14.rar
  6. Install Avast License ZeNiX 2014-03-14.exe ( setup password : ZeNiX) [If you are a Windows xp user, run AVAST XP ZeNiX.reg file instead]
  7. when installation is completed Restart your computer
  8. After Restart Enable Avast self defense module now ( if you want )
  9. That’s it ! You got Avast till 2050 !!

Avast Says  that ‘your licence is pirated/stolen’ ?
Never mind.follow the steps given below to fix it

  1. Open Avast
  2. Go to Maintenance tab in Avast and click Subscription
  3. Click “Insert License file”.
  4. Select a key from the  correct folder of Activation keys.zip ( you can download it below )
  5. Click open.
  6. Done. Just re-enable the avast self defense module.

Direct Download Links

Click Here to Download


  • You must turn off avast! self-defence module to use the ZeNiX installer
  • You can use this on avast! Free version too. it will give you subscription since 2050 ( so no need of renewing )
  • You can use avast without restarting after installing ZeNiX. but the activation will be enabled only if you restart your computer
  • You can install any update including avast application updates and virus-definition updates while using this subscription. ( if anything goes wrong, just reinstall the crack )


Crack Download

Avast 2050 Crack by ZeNiX 2014-03-14.rar  (1.76 MB) / Mirrors

Activation Keys.zip (1.20 MB)  password : onhax

More Keys : Keys and Cracks for All the Anti Virus Products ! [Latest]

Setup Downloads

avast! 9  FREE Antivirus (87.2 MB)

avast! 9 PRO Antivirus (115 MB)

avast! 9 Internet Security (122 MB)

avast! 9 Premier (122 MB)

avast! 2014 Uninstall Utility (479 KB)

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