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  • posted at 1:11 am on October 30, 2014

    AVG PC TuneUp 2015 Crack Is Here![Latest] 

    Full Version

    AVG PC TuneUp

    AVG PC TuneUp is an extremely powerful system maintenance and optimisation tool which will help you clean your system, fix problems, improve stability, extend battery life, free up hard drive space, and generally keep your PC running at peak performance. And while that may sound complicated, it really isn’t. As soon as it’s installed, for instance, PC TuneUp’s Live Optimization technology will automatically begin monitoring your system, intelligently prioritising running programs to make everything run more smoothly.
    The program’s 1-Click Maintenance tool makes it just as easy to clean and defragment your Registry, remove temporary files, cut our PC’s shutdown time, remove broken shortcuts and more.It’s able to temporarily disable programs you don’t use often, for instance, freeing up valuable system resources and improving the performance of other software. And if you need to use the programs again, just launch them as normal, and PC TuneUp will automatically restore them.
    There’s a whole section of the program dedicated to freeing up hard drive space by deleting temporary files, old restore points, removing unused Windows components, and more.


    Direct Download Links

    Click Here to Download

    • Restores your PC to top speed.
    • A Smoother running PC.
    • Extends your battery life.
    • Frees up valuable disk space.
    • Keeps your PC at peak performance.
    • Leaves no trace of your most important files.
    • Gives you complete performance – automatically.
    • Fine tune your computer for even more performance.
    • Makes optimization easier.

    How To Use?

    1. Download and Install the latest version of AVG PC TuneUp.
    2. Download the Patch.
    3. Close AVG PC TuneUp from Tray.-Important
    4. Open the patch.
    5. Click on !!Activate Now!!
    6. Enjoy!




    AVG PC TuneUp Official Setup


    Crack/Medicine Download


    • Shivam Dwivedi 2:06 pm on October 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Onhax your every crack , serial , patch are working your site is full of trust so please onhax upload K7 total security with crack , serial , patch any way to hack..please my onhax

    • Dicky Herlambang 5:46 pm on October 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      is this compatible with windows technical preview x64?

  • posted at 8:53 pm on October 28, 2014

    Nova Launcher Prime v.3.2 Cracked Apk Is Here ! 


    Nova Launcher Prime

    Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android. Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and more.


    • Color Themes
    • Change the accent color of the launcher, full color picker support
    • Icon Themes
    • Apply ADW or Go launcher icon themes to all app icons
    • Scrollable Dock (for Tablets and Phones)
    • Keep all your favorite apps on the dock, with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.\

    Customizable App Drawer:

    1. Transparency
    2. Scrolling style, choose between horizontal paginated or vertical continuous
    3. Scroll Effects
    4. Enjoy eye candy when scrolling your desktop and drawer. Effects include Cube and Cardstack and more for Prime users.
    5. Infinite Scroll
    6. Never be far from your favorite page, loop through your desktop continuously.
    7. Folder Icons
    8. You can chose a background, preview style or even replace the whole icon.
    9. Backup/Restore
    10. Export your settings and layout before a wipe to quickly get back up and running.

    What’s New  In Nova Launcher Prime v3.2

    Direct Download Links

    Click Here to Download

    1. Lollipop Style Circle Folder Animation ( Settings >  Folder >  Transition Animation )
    2. Lollipop Scroll Indicator  (Settings > Desktop > Sceoll Indicator)
    3. Lollipop Icon Theme For Calculator,Clock,Contacts,Downloads,Email,Dialer,Settings And SMS  (Settings > Look Feel > Icon Theme)
    4. Preview Of Scroll effects in Settings Optimization and Fixes
    5. Fixes and optimizations

    How to install it?

    1. Uninstall previous version of Nova Launcher
    2. Install The Given Apk
    3. Enjoy! :)


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    Nova Launcher Prime v.3.2 Apk (4.2 MB) | Mirrors

  • posted at 6:49 pm on October 23, 2014

    OneClickROOT 3.7 Serial Key is Here ! 


    OneClickRoot is the world’s leading Android rooting software. With just a single click, you can root your Android smartphone or tablet and have access to hundreds of new and exciting features. Here are just a few of the reasons why more and more people round the world are rooting their Android devices:

    • Access more apps
    • Preserve battery life
    • Faster performance
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering
    • Install custom ROMs
    • Access blocked features
    • And so much more!

    Why root Android ?

    Rooting Android will give users access to all of these benefits and more. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people choose to root their Android devices:

    • Awesome new apps: Some apps are only available on rooted Android devices. Unfortunately, many of these apps are extremely cool. For example, an app called
    • AdFree blocks all incoming advertisements on your Android smartphone or tablet. And an app called SetCPU will automatically control the CPU usage of your device, vastly increasing its battery life. From new themes to wireless tethering and more, people love rooting Android because of the awesome new apps available.
    • Custom ROMs: Custom ROMs allow users to completely change the interface of their Android smartphone or tablet. While default Android interfaces aren’t necessarily bad, many users prefer the free-form usability of popular custom ROMs like CyanogenMod or MIUI. These custom ROMs can make your Android smartphone or tablet look exceptionally cool.
    • Full control over your system: The term ‘rooting’ comes from the fact that users have full control over the ‘root’ of their system. Instead of being restricted from editing essential system files and other data, Android users now have full control over their system. This means you can edit core apps, install new themes, execute commands, and perform all sorts of other special tasks.
    • Install apps on your SD card: Your Android device only has a limited amount of space. If you want to maximize the amount of space on your device, then you might have tried to install new apps onto your SD card. Unfortunately, most Android builds prevent you from doing this. After rooting your Android device, you’ll find this problem to be a thing of the past. You can now install apps on your SD card, which means more space for your important files.
    • Faster performance: Most Android devices are already pretty fast. But rooting your Android phone can make them even faster. Some custom ROMs are specifically designed for speed, which means faster transitions between apps, faster internet speeds, and all sorts of other performance-related benefits.
    • New virtual keyboards: If you don’t like typing on your Android’s virtual keyboard, then rooting your Android device can fix that problem. There are dozens of new virtual keyboards available. Since you can only edit the keyboard by accessing the core files of your device, rooting your Android allows you to easily install these keyboards.
    • Longer battery life: If you’re disappointed with the battery life of your Android device, then don’t worry – rooting Android can fix that problem. There are plenty of apps that allow you to maximize the battery life of your device. You don’t even have to sacrifice performance in order to preserve your battery life!
    • Because you can: Android phones and tablets are exceptionally powerful. When you’re stuck with the default operating system, you’re not using your device to its full potential. Somebody else is telling you how to use your phone, and that means you don’t have the freedom to use your phone the way you want. After rooting your
    • Android phone or tablet, you will break free of the chains on your device and use the hardware to its full potential.


    Direct Download Links

    Click Here to Download

    1. First download the software and then install it
    2. After installed open OneClickROOT.exe and Copy/Paste serial that is given below
    3. Connect your phone to PC and set *USB DEBBUGING* mode
    4. After the Phone is identified click on Root and wait few secs.











    • ravigajan 7:45 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      hey, provided key is not oneclickroot’s license.Its a unlockroot’s license. sucks…

      • nikhild64
        10:43 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Hey its for the software provided… Not any other…

    • Yash 8:12 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      may I unroot my phone using this software ??
      I want to try it for Samsung Galaxy Star. this is first time.

    • Yash 8:16 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I will download it after you reply. Thanks nikhild 64….Thanks OnHax.

      • nikhild64
        10:46 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        You will be able to unroot it from super user app which will be installed in your phone

    • om 10:59 pm on October 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      too whant to root my phn

    • Yash 1:49 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      what if this process failed ??
      is there any harm to my phone ??

      • nikhild64
        3:44 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        if process fails the phone will not be rooted, you will have to retry

    • ch4rvin 3:53 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      It can unroot the phone too or what? Should have both options don’t ya say./

      • nikhild64
        5:24 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        yes you can unroot phone after rooting using super user app which will be installed in your phone

    • Yash 5:15 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t root my Samsung Galaxy Star with this application.

    • paswansachin 6:11 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      i cant root samsung galaxy grand 4.2.2 … wtf..

      • nikhild64
        10:10 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        What does it says.. Can you specify the problem

    • paswansachin 6:15 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      its not working…

    • Yash 8:57 am on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      it says connect to root service.
      is there internet required in rooting ??

      • nikhild64
        10:56 am on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        yes you need it

    • Yash 7:43 pm on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      please suggest me any other software for rooting , which don’t need a internet connection.
      Thanks nikhild64,
      Thanks OnHax.

      • nikhild64
        11:05 pm on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        For helping you on that issue I need to know your phone model

    • Yash 10:33 pm on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      if I connect OneClickROOT to internet how much data it will download. How much time it will take to complete root process. Please reply my questions as soon as possible.
      Thanks nikhild64,
      Thanks OnHax.

    • Yash 7:07 am on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      My phone is Samsung Galaxy Star – GT-S5282 (India), Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
      please reply.

      • nikhild64
        5:10 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        hey bro download all the files and follow the steps:-
        -su user
        -root checker

        turn on usb debugging for phone
        1.connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable
        (be sure you have installed the USB driver into your computer already.
        In case, if you do not installed the driver, do that immediately.)
        2.extract downloaded file and run impactor.exe
        3.click start button
        the process will go on to finish
        4.move su user, busybox, root checker to phone and install them
        5. check with root checker and you will find your android is rooted.

    • Yash 5:24 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      thanks but I can’t see links to download files.

      • nikhild64
        5:48 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply


    • Yash 5:56 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      yes, you are right.
      now I am downloading files.
      Thank You so much.

    • Yash 6:06 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      what is Busy Box ??
      I can’t uninstall in blustacks.
      please give me some info ?
      can’t I uninstall Busy Box and SU ?
      Thank You So Much.

    • Yash 6:37 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Not Working !! can’t root.
      It says “Signature bugs unavailable “.
      what to do now ??

      • nikhild64
        6:39 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply


    • Yash 7:36 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      No, I haven’t installed.
      I don’t know how to check that.

    • Yash 8:25 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I have tried after installing drive , but still not working.
      says “Signature bugs unavailable “.
      I think file (s) missing from impact folder. THANKS.

    • Yash 8:56 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Check this: http://www.teckbloggr.com/root-samsung-galaxy-star/

      – Step No. 5 dekhlo sahi hai kya ?


      • nikhild64
        9:32 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Is it now rooted

    • Yash 9:43 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      try nahi kiya,
      step five mein “puch” hona chahiye yaa “push”, confusion hai …

    • Pratik 3:36 am on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Will it be able to root Samsung Galaxy Star 2 running stock android 4.4.2?

    • Yash 12:01 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve tried everything to root my phone.

      – OneClickROOT
      – Framaroot
      – Cydia Impactor (with Drop, puch, push)

      With installing latest Samsung Drive of my phone.

      But I can’t root it :(

      But I am happy because after tryin this all my phone is alright.

      As I can’t root my phone,
      please suggest me some application which supports unrooted Jelly Bean phone.

      Thanks nikild64 for all your help. :)
      Thanks OnHax. :)

    • nikhild64
      12:36 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      sorry for late reply, i will research on it nd reply you

    • Yash 3:00 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank You :)

    • zenerchinchan 1:45 pm on October 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      i used a different rooting software in my phone.. is it possible to unroot it using this software ?

      • nikhild64
        12:06 am on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        for unrooting phone i have written a post but is still pending, wait till it is posted

    • ankit 6:10 pm on October 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      i want to root my moto g(2nd gen) will it work

      • nikhild64
        12:07 am on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        sorry, i dont know

      • nikhild64
        12:08 am on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        sorry, i dont know you have to check this software it will not harm your phone
        try and reply

        • Ankit Kumar 11:04 am on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

          Ok I will try and reply

  • posted at 12:11 pm on October 23, 2014

    Auslogics File Recovery Keygen Is Here![Latest] 

    Auslogics File Recovery

    Auslogics File Recovery can bring back the files you thought were lost for good. It works with hard drives, USB storage drives and memory cards, recovering all file types, even from lost partitions. No reason to panic when you have such a powerful tool in your arsenal.


    •  Easy Recovery Wizard-Select the drives you want to scan, specify the file types, when last modified, specify a date range or just recover a deleted file by name – all with the help of a simple Recovery Wizard.
    • Sort Using Advanced Filters-You don’t need to go through hundreds of deleted files to find the items you want to recover. Filter by date, size, file type or a combination of these options.
    • Preview Files to Confirm Contents-When file names don’t tell you much, you can preview photos, videos, documents and PDF files right from the search results window and recover only the items you want.
    • All Major File Systems Supported-No need to worry about what file system your files are on. Auslogics supports file recovery from ALL major file systems: NTFS, Fat16/32, and exFat.
    • OS Support-Auslogics File Recovery Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.
    • Securely Shred Files-If you can recover deleted files, so can somebody else. The powerful built-in File Shredder tool lets you permanently delete confidential files.
    • Permanently Wipe Hard Drive-Wipe the free space on your hard drive to make previously deleted files unrecoverable. This only affects deleted files, all you current files stay safe.
    • Create an Image of Your Disk-The Disk Image tool lets you make an exact image of your drive with all information contained on it, including any deleted files.
    • Restore Files from Lost Partitions-Auslogics File Recovery can locate information about your hard disk that makes it possible to recover files from a lost partition, even after it gets reallocated or quick-formatted.

    How To Use?

    1. Download the latest version of Auslogics File Recovery.
    2. Download the Keygen.
    3. Click on Keygen button.
    4. Copy and Paste the generated key.
    5. Enjoy!




    Auslogics File Recovery Pro

    Keygen (29 KB) /Mirror

    • Funk D 11:02 pm on October 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Worked great, thank you!

      • Hackrix
        6:54 pm on October 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Keep Visiting!

  • posted at 12:36 am on October 22, 2014

    Process Lasso 7.0.4 Keygen Is Here![Latest] 

    Process Lasso

    Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, core optimization, automated rules, automated power profiles,etc.

    Process Lasso’s most popular feature is the unique process optimization technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) that will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class of background processes. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without sufficient restraint — leading to hangs, micro-lags, and delays in your keystroke or mouse actions. ProBalance intelligently adjusts process priorities so that badly behaved processes won’t negatively impact the responsiveness of your PC.This is safe and very Effective.

    You can have a wide range operations performed, or settings applied, each time a process is run. Core optimization technologies allow you to choose on what CPUs/cores a process should run, as well as what their CPU priority class and I/O priority class should be. You can also disallow specified processes from running, log all processes run, and even set various other process rules. These rules, amongst many others, include automatically restarting or terminating a process after it reaches some CPU or memory threshold.


    • ProBalance – Automatically restrains CPU hogs to improve system responsiveness.
    • EnergySaver – Run at maximal performance while active, but conserve energy when idle
    • Automate and control process settings, persistent CPU affinities and priorities
    • Switch power profiles when specific applications are run
    • Native 64-bit code for maximum performance
    • Unique system responsiveness metric to quantify your experience!

    How to Activate!

    1. Install Process Lasso.
    2. Copy Keygen to install folder (usually C:\Program Files\Process Lasso).
    3. Open the keygen.
    4. Click on Generate
    5. Click on Patch Hosts file.
    6. Enjoy!




    Process Lasso 7.0.4 32-Bit/Process Lasso 7.0.4 64-Bit 

    Process Lasso Portable 7.0.4 32-Bit/Process Lasso Portable 7.0.4 64-Bit

    Keygen (47 KB) / Mirror


    Works for the latest version 7.1.0 Also.

  • posted at 5:45 pm on October 15, 2014

    Photo Studio PRO v1.4.0.3 Cracked Apk is Here ! 

    Photo Studio PRO

    Photo Studio for Android® is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their devices into a fantastic photo editing studio.

    Main features

    • Ad-free. No ad banners!
    • 150+ unique filters in categories: ‘Lomo’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Simple tone’, ‘Black & White’, ‘Old Style’, ‘Cold tones’, ‘Warm tones’ and ‘Art’.
    • 100+ amazing special effects: shadow, fabric, akvarel, rust, frames, scratch, light, fire, water, heart, brush, noise and many more.
    • About 50 free stickers and about 500 stickers in Stickers Pack by categories Animals, Romance, Plans, Monsters, Food and many more.
    • Sketch filters are professional tools to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos.
    • Magic Tools contains: Auto-Levels, Sharpening, Area-Auto-Levels, Blurring and Red-Eyes correction.
    • Picframes helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames with 100 adjustable templates in Classic and Art categories, adjustable borders, frames, corners and backgrounds.
    • Free-form collage editor allows you to create amazing collages with your photos and backgrounds.
    • Color Splash FX with filters: create stunning artwork with your photos by removing or changing colors and combining layers.
    • Lens Boost – apply lens effect to your photos to get an amazing vignette effect with circle and linear (Tilt Shift) lens.
    • Apply set of beautiful digital frames to your photos. Available packs: Holiday Frames, Christmas Frames, Summer Frames and Valentine’s Day frames. You can download and try all frames for FREE.
    • Add text labels to your photos with fonts, styles and colors customization.
    • Base photo operations: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation, use round and linear masks to highlight appropriate parts of you photos.
    • Base transform operations: resize, rotate and crop.
    • Action Sets: collect interesting operations into action sets and apply them again to new photos.
    • Apply several operations to one photo: you can edit a photo and apply all features and effects to one photo at the same time.
    • Use photos from your gallery or from Camera.
    • Save the result in 3 formats: Small, Normal and Large. Save images in JPEG and PNG.
    • Photo Studio PRO includes all unlocked packs, tools and features.



    Photo Studio PRO v1.4.0.3 APK (15.9 MB) | Mirrors

  • posted at 11:00 pm on October 9, 2014

    Snapchat Hack For Jailbroken Devices ! 



    Enjoy fast and fun mobile conversation! Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot!

    You can also add a Snap to your Story with one tap to share your day with all of your friends.

    The best conversations happen when both friends are present, so we’ll let you know if your friend is Here in your Chat so that you can give each other your full attention. And if you’re both Here, simply press and hold to share live video – and Chat face-to-face!

    Happy Snapping!


    1. High score (ONLY ON USER’S END).
    2. Ability to view mature content.
    3. Always be able to reply a snap.
    4. Unlimited characters for a caption (TAP THE TEXT ICON TO MAKE IT WORK).
    5. Unviewed snaps always stay in your story .
    6. You can always skip team snapchat stories.
    7. People are not notified when you take a screenshot of their snap.
    8. Countdown for a snap is disabled.
    9. Timer for viewing a snap is disabled.
    10. Snap don’t expire.

    How to install?

    1. Download the file from the link below.
    2. Transfer it to you iDevice using iFunbox, iFile…
    3. Open iFile and go to the file directory.
    4. Tap on the .deb file and install it.
    5. Reboot your device.
    6. Go to settings and enable the hacks that you want.
    7. Enjoy!!!!!!




    Download Link


  • posted at 12:33 am on October 7, 2014

    Goat Simulator v1.0.8 [Apk+Data] is Here ! [LATEST] 

    Goat simulator onhax1

    Goat Simulator v1.0.8 Apk

    Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true! Gameplay-wise, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.

    Features of Goat Simulator v1.0.8 -

    • You can be a goat
    • Get points for wrecking stuff – brag to your friends that you’re the alpha goat
    • In-game physics that spazz out all the time
    • Seriously look at that goat’s neck
    • You can be a goat

    How to Install

    1. Download your Preferred version of game.
    2. Extract the downloded files.
    3. Install the apk and put the data files to Android/obb folder
    4. Enjoy Playing

    Direct Download Links

    Click Here to Download






    Goat Simulator v1.0.8 [Apk+Data].rar (266.2MB) | Mirrors


    Goat Siumator v1.0.8 [Apk+Data] Part 1.rar (150MB)| Mirror

    Goat Siumator v1.0.8 [Apk+Data] Part 2.rar (116.2MB) | Mirror

    For any Queries and Problems related to the above content please Comment below! :)

    We are Happy to Help! ;)

    • Me 1:00 am on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      witch one do i choose? i have a oneplus one (snapdragon)

      • Kiran 11:44 am on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Try with Mail or PowerVR!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

        • Me 10:32 pm on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

          when i try mali the app crashes, and when i try powerVR i don’t see any textures

          • Kiran 11:45 pm on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

            On Which device you use?

      • shadowninjazx 2:10 am on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        lol use adreno, dont you know that adreno 330 is in Snapdragon 801?

    • amithnetmith 10:04 am on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      hi Kiran i have Sony ZR how to know to download which version

      • Kiran 11:42 am on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Adreno Version for better performance!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • HJBrf 3:53 pm on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      What version should users of devices with Vivante GPUs choose in order to play this game?

      • Kiran 1:21 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Try with Mail or PowerVR!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • Ramy Paul 9:34 pm on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      CAN you give us the PC version of the game with the last update ! and thnx

      • Kiran 1:17 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! Stay Tuned for that! :)
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • Shiro 10:45 pm on September 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      hi kiran i use galaxy note 2 which i choose

      • Kiran 1:19 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Use MALI for better performance!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • Motionless 1:58 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Which one is best for a Moto X?

      • Kiran 6:58 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Use Adreno Version for better Performance!
        Cherrs from OnHax! ;)

    • Ezra 2:27 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      What must I choose ? I use galaxy tab s

      • Kiran 7:00 am on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Use MALI version for better performance!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • Rikka 6:12 pm on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      What should I get if I have Gionee G3

      • Kiran 6:29 pm on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Use PowerVR version for Better Performance!
        Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • Bodil 6:48 pm on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I have a Lenovo A300-H tablet what should i choose?

    • nameless 10:04 pm on September 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Which one is for galaxy trend plus?

    • fan 2:19 am on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Himax polymer octacore ??

    • brochacho 9:59 am on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I have a nexus 5. Which one should I download ?

    • Victor 5:53 pm on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I have a Galaxy S4. Which one would it be. I tried MAIL, but when I wanted to play, it went to the homescreen amd said “goat simulator has stopped working” thanks

    • Luis Xavier Espinoza Gonzales 11:49 pm on September 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi,i have Xperia ZR which one should i download?

    • orang 6:24 pm on October 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy core 1, which one should I choose

    • liviux93 3:46 am on October 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      i have a galaxy s3 mini

    • timing 11:50 pm on October 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Ok I use the galaxy s4 mini and ive tried mali and all it does is download a worthless file that is like 800 kb idk know what to do just fox it plz

    • Kiran 8:46 am on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      @ all
      Chectk out the latese update!…
      Cheers from OnHax! ;)

    • ariiprahman 11:52 pm on October 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      my phone Motorola moto G, what must i chose? :)

  • posted at 5:00 am on October 6, 2014

    Premium Responsive WordPress Themes Package 1 is Here ! 

    Responsive WordPress Theme

    Premium Responsive WordPress Themes/Templates

    Responsive design is obviously a popular topic in the web design industry right now, and WordPress continues to grow as one of the most popular content management systems. Many bloggers and site owners who are using WordPress are interested in having a responsive website, and the result is a quickly-increasing number of responsive themes that are available for WordPress. We have introduce some of the beautiful and owsome looking wordpress premium responsive theme which will give your sight a new and delitious look after uploading the theme or template.

    Package 1 contains the following Premium Responsive Themes/Templates

    • Adams
    • Alterna
    • Mazaya
    • MikMag
    • PowerMag
    • Quentin
    • Sahifa
    • GamesTheme
    • 907 One Page Parallex
    • Perspective

    How to Install WordPress Theme ?

    1. Download any theme which you want to upload
    2. Just read the instructions given in every package in index.html via documentation
    3. Follow all instruction and upload your theme
    4. That’s it. Enjoy ! :)

    Now let’s see the brief description, features & shape etc of these themes through live preview

    Adams : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Adams is a Responsive News, Magazine and Blog Theme, it’s built with an HTML5, Rich Snippet, CSS3, FontAwesome Vector Fonts and Twitter Bootstrap v2.3.1.

    Live Preview

    Alterna : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Alterna is an retina-ready, fully responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.Alterna gives you an awesome premium theme to create your website for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, magazine, shop etc…Alterna also Integrate WooCommerce, WPML, Facebook Page etc…

    Live Preview

    Mazaya : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Mazaya is a powerful responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme, perfect for news or magazine, blog website and many more!. It’s super flexible, clean design (and code) packed with all the features you need to present yourself with style and professionalism.

    Live Preview

    MikMag : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Mikmag is the perfect solution for you creative individuals and professionals looking for a highly versatile, greatly comprehensive and well-designed WordPress Theme power packed with Premium features and templates you can build from and customize.

    Live Preview

    PowerMag : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    PowerMag is a stylish ultra bold Magazine/News/Blogging WordPress Theme SEO optimized with endless features.

    Live Preview

    Quentin : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Quentin is the Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme. It covers any type of usage: Personal, SmallBiz and Corporate.

    Live Preview

    Sahifa : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Sahifa is a Clean Responsive Magazine, News and Blog Template.

    Live Preview

    GamesTheme : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    GamesTheme Premium WordPress Theme is the most powerful game portal ever. It gets you on the wave of extreme, adrenaline and desire! You are living in your own world! You can create and dip in reality which you have never been before and will never be!

    Live Preview

    907 One Page Parallax : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    907 One Page Parallax WordPress Theme – WordPress 3.7 Ready! 907 WP Parallax can be set up with multiple pages as well :) Youtube/Vimeo Full Screen Video Header Option Added.

    Live Preview

    Perspective : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme

    Perspective is a theme suitable for any type of business. It Allows to customize almost everything very easy. It has, also, a powerful “Theme Options” page that will let you adjust some global settings and change the look of this theme by selecting a pre-defined style theme or create a custom one.

    Live Preview


    • Before uploading must restore the original one for safety purpose
    • For any kind of details, must read the index.html from documentation


    Adams : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (3.9 MB) | Mirrors

    Alterna : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (18.3 MB) | Mirrors

    Mazaya : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (7.7 MB) | Mirrors

    MikMag : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (42 MB) | Mirrors

    PowerMag : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (9.2 MB) | Mirrors

    Quantin : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (16 MB) | Mirrors

    Sahifa : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (4.1 MB) | Mirrors

    GamesTheme : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (20.4 MB) | Mirrors

    907 One Page Parallax : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (15.6 MB) | Mirrors

    Perspective : Premium Responsive WordPress Theme (14 MB) | Mirrors

    Package 1 of Premium Responsvie WordPress Theme (149.3 MB) | Mirrors

    :) :) :) Comments are always appreciated; feels happy to help others; tell us if you observe any problem regarding any theme uploading etc; Cheers to Onhax ! :) :) :)

    • pratimmajumder1 12:29 pm on October 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      The process gave in index.html not working.Wordpress says weh’v to buy premium for using it.

      • SiddiqueSons
        12:31 pm on October 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Its not work with wordpress.com, only works with wordpress.org :)

    • Khadeer Ali Shaik 5:12 pm on October 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      not work with worpress.com? :O 90% of members uses .coms yar

      • SiddiqueSons
        5:21 pm on October 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        WordPress.com have their own package and doesn’t give any customization to their templates; you can see the help of wordpress.com and search about wordpress templates uploading :)

    • sneuga39 1:32 pm on October 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks bro. :)

      • SiddiqueSons
        2:34 pm on October 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Welcome ! Cheers to Onhax ! :)

  • posted at 4:12 am on October 5, 2014

    Advanced Task Manager Pro v5.1.2 Cracked Apk IS Here !!! 


    Advanced Task Manager Pro

    Advanced Task Manager Pro that do things like clean up memory, battery optimization, Task killer, and provides for you. With this software you can stop the running Task extra and speed up your phone and you can increase your battery life. Stop making task selection, task auto stop after Screen Off, stop the task at startup, allowing quick removal of software, including software features are. The application has a widget too. Kill tasks,free memory,speed up phone,save battery.

    Feature List

    • Kill selected tasks
    • Android optimizer & booster
    • Ignore apps when kill tasks
    • Auto kill tasks on every screen off
    • Regular kill
    • Startup Kill
    • One click task kill widget
    • Quick uninstaller
    • Show battery life
    • Support android 1.5/1.6/2.2/2.3/3.x/4.0
    • Ad Free



    Advanced Task Manager Pro v5.1.2 Apk (2.8 MB) | Mirrors

    • Abhishek K Sajjan 7:22 pm on October 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I m unable to download any of the cracked app

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