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  • posted at 7:00 am on May 26, 2016

    Internet Download Manager Universal Crack is Here ! [IDM 6.25 Build 20 UPDATED] 

    Note : This crack has a built-in update function. Once IDM new version comes, you can update and apply crack right away.

    Last Updated : IDM 6.25 build 20

    Internet Download Manager Universal Crack

    Internet Download Manager aka IDM developers release a new build of  their well-known Download Accelerator; Internet Download Manager  regularly. So everybody who uses pirated versions get so pissed off that they have to find a new version of crack every time when an IDM update comes. So we made a really awesome fix for that

    An Universal Web Crack. A new era in scene world. Web crack is a new concept of cracks that download and update crack content as the target program gets updated.

    So whenever IDM releases a new version. Update your crack using built-in updater and apply crack. Easy as that ! You can simply trust On HAX IDM crack because it has a history of more than 3 year with regular updates, and also it has more than 10000K worldwide downloads.

    How to Crack any IDM Version ?

    1. Install the latest version of IDM / Or update via quick update (yes its possible now)
    2. Turn off any virus guards
    3. Download and Run IDM Universal Web Crack.exe
    4. Update IDM Universal Web Crack (if it asks) [screenshot]
    5. Select IDM Installation path
    6. Click Crack button and wait till it say IDM activated successfully ! (Press the button twice to make sure it worked)
    7. Now open IDM and enjoy lifetime full version license

    How to Update / When a new version of IDM comes

    Update IDM via IDM’s quick update. Then  run the IDM Universal Web Crack and follow above steps from step 3.


    IDM Installation is up-to-date. version : 6.25 Build 20
    Crack can be applied. IDM will be cracked as version : 6.25 Build 20
    Crack is up-to-date. version : 6.25 Build 20
    Version: 6.25 Build 20 (May/25/2016) Full

    Downloads & Links

    Internet Download Manager latest official setup

    IDM 6.25 build 20 Setup + Universal Web Crack V4.rar (8.4 MB) / Mirrors

    IDM Universal Web Crack V4.rar (1.9 MB) / Mirrors

    IDM 6.25 build 20 Manual Crack.rar (1.3 MB) / Mirror (if crack didn’t work/windows xp users)

    Universal Web Crack V4 Changelog

    • Under-the-hood web serial key fetching for up-to-date serial keys
    • Completely new and faster updater engine
    • Direct crack mode to release faster crack updates (we know we did late updates, but there’ll be no more late updates with the new method)
    • Improved registry cracking to fix all the fake serial key issues (yup there will be no more fake serial key issues with this + web key fetch method)
    • Improved version detection of IDM installation with multiple methods (no more wrong version detection)
    • New windows 8 theme with auto applying
    • Reduced file size
    • Many many bug fixes

    Notes and Info

    • do not delete update.bin file as it is needed to function the crack. In case if you delete it, crack it re-download the missing files once opened
    • perfect cracking will be done once, you get all three ticks in green or purple in the crack status (purple tick means direct crack mode active)
    • if a new crack version release becomes late, you will see a notice about it in the bottom of crack 🙂
    • Click Read Me button in crack to get information about all the functions in Crack App.
    • No, you cannot remove that smiley face comes after registration name 🙂
    • Crack is 100% clean. Virus guards may act made mad as it modifies IDM installation registry values

    If you have any problems on this or found a bug, comment below. Cheers ツ

    • Surojit Das 10:08 am on May 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Please help this crack is not working in windows 10 :/

    • sarge 11:57 pm on May 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot update … msg “No internet connection. Failed to sync with On Hax servers”

    • dilshan 7:07 pm on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      “idm has stoped working” this error comes each and every download in progress now… Can not download anything now. please help me sir…….

    • Mohammad Noman 4:02 pm on May 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      its time to update the crack..in my pc its still showing the version 17

    • tayyab 12:37 am on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We can’t find the file you are looking for. It maybe got deleted by the owner or was removed due a copyright violation.Y

    • Yogesh 9:11 pm on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Sir your website is not working properly there are no update on home page of new poSTS please fix this issue as soon as possible

    • Yogesh 9:14 pm on May 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Sir you website is not working properly there are no update on home page of your site please fix this issue as soon as possible

  • posted at 8:59 pm on May 23, 2016

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care FULL 2.1.8 Apk is Here! [LATEST][UPDATED] 

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

    Blue light from your smartphone or tablet causes your eyestrain and your troubles fall asleep.This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue lightand reduce your eye strain and troubles to sleep.

    Avoid Eye Strain

    Bluelight from your smartphone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and keeps you from falling asleep at night.
    This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the blue light and helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

    • Free Screen Filter App to Protect Your Eyes
      You can reduce the strain on your eyes easily.
      It’s simple but effective!
      All you have to do is launch this app.
    • Screen Filter with Natural Color
      This app’s filter has a natural color so you can read news, emails and websites clearly.
      This app doesn’t dim the screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce blue lightwhich causes strain on your eyes.
    • Easy Operation
      It’s easy to turn on or off with just one tap.
      You can adjust the opacity of the filter.
      Choose between 5 different filter colors.
    • Turn On or Off Quickly and Easily
      You can choose to show or hide a filter icon in the status bar, making it easy to tweak the settings at any time.
    • Startup Automatically
      You can choose whether or not the filter launches on startup.
    • Eye Care in your Smartphone or Tablet
      This app works on most smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC ONE Xperia and so on. It also works on tablets such as Nexus 7, Nexus 10, ASUS MeMO Pad, Acer ICONIA and more!
    • Simple App
      This app doesn`t use your battery except when setting up the filter, since it only adjusts the color temperature and the lux the memory usage is low too.
    • Reliable App
      This app’s developer has been registered as an official developer by an independent organization in Japan.
    • If you want to install an app from a third party store such as Amazon. Please turn off the filter first to enable installation.
    • When capturing a screen (screenshot) turn off the filter first, otherwise it will apply to the captured screen as well.

    What’s New

    Added the description in app.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care | Mirror  (Version 2.1.8)

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care | Mirror  (Version 2.1.7 build 286)

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care | Mirror  (Version 2.1.3)

    Bluelight Filter for Eye Care | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 (Version 1.949)

  • posted at 9:10 am on May 23, 2016

    Folio for Facebook Pro 3.0.9 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    Folio for Facebook Pro

    Get general notifications.
    Get message notifications.

    No need to fumble with RSS feeds. With Folio Pro’s advanced notifications system, once you’ve logged into Folio Pro you’re ready to get notifications out of the box***! Never miss a notification from your favorite social network again. You set your frequency. You set which notifications you’d like to receive. You sit back and relaxand let Folio Pro do the rest. ***Turn on notifications and set your sync frequency to start getting notifications.


    Is your favorite color lime? No problem. Folio Pro has you covered with 41 themes total! Switch to your favorite. Tap apply. You’re all set.

    Social Add-ons

    Folio Pro comes built with add-ons for Twitter, Google+, Instagram & Tumblr. Get to your favorites fast by enabling them in Folio Pros settings menu.

    **Facebook SDK:

    Folio Pro uses the official Facebook SDK to personalize your experience by getting your profile photo, cover photo, and name placed beautifully in the navigation drawer.

    ***Battery life:

    Save precious battery life with Folio Pro
    No battery drain in the background like other apps. You set your sync settings depending on your needs. Whether that’s 1 minute or 6 hours, Folio Pro will only wake to check your notifications with minimal battery usage.

    **Although Folio Pro uses the Facebook SDK, Folio Pro is in no way officially sponsored by or associated with Facebook inc. The name Facebook it’s logos and SDK are copyright Facebook Inc.

    ***Battery life may vary by device and your usage of Folio Pro The default sync value is best for battery life and performance.


    Welcome to the new Folio Pro.
    Fix for posting & sharing
    Fix for messenger when not selected.
    Tabs to replace the Facebook menu.
    Other improvements.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    Folio for Facebook Pro | Mirror (Version 3.0.9)

    Folio for Facebook Pro | Mirror (Version 2.1.4)

  • posted at 7:23 am on May 18, 2016

    Weather XL PRO 1.3.9 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    unnamed (3)

    Weather XL PRO

    • Gorgeous and realistic animations of weather conditions
    • See at a glance the next weather condition change
    • Updated continuously
    • Accurate hourly forecasts for the next 10 days
    • Fast, beautiful and simple to use
    • Detailed forecasts on rain, ice, snow, fog, wind, storm, dew point, UV index, humidity, pressure
    • Highest and lowest historical values
    • Satellite and radar map animations
    • Optimized for both phones and tablets
    • Live Wallpaper
    • Weather in notification area and temperature in status bar
    • Great widget for your home screen

    And it’s all free.
    Try it now !
    Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin and all the others!


    Bigger font for the temperature in the notification bar
    Added some translations for accessibility
    Bug fixes

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    Weather XL PRO | Mirror

  • posted at 1:50 am on May 18, 2016

    Notifly Plus 1.03.RC2 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

     Notifly Plus

    Sometimes you did not want to quit your current app but also need to quick reply to a message. At this point Notifly will help you.
    By receiving a notification Notifly will open it’s content in a small bubble. By clicking this a bounded popup with the content will appear.
    You can read it but also directly reply to it without quiting the current application. Currently Notifly supports WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger and Plus Messenger.
    It is beautiful material designed to get best notification experiences.
    Try Notifly now for yourself and report some Feedback.

    Supported Apps
    • WhatsApp
    • Telegram
    • Line
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Messenger
    • Plus Messenger

    • Plus – Custom colors, bubble sizing and removes advertising
    Donates – Support this project with some small donations

    • Internet – used for advertisements
    • Access network – used to receive advertisements
    • System overlay – used for draw over apps
    • Vibrate – used for vibrate at notification
    • Billing – used for in app billing products


    [release 1.0.3.RC1]
    With this update we added support for following applications.
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Plus Messenger
    • Line
    Also sound and vibrate settings where builded in and of course some major bugfixes where done. Offset setting for bubble is now available.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

     Notifly Plus | Mirror

  • posted at 9:39 am on May 15, 2016

    INKredible – Handwriting Note 1.0.1 Paid Version Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    INKredible – Handwriting Note

    INKredible PRO includes all in-app purchase features of INKredile (a $9 value) plus free future updates.

    It’s amazing how pen and paper, two inventions dating back to thousands of years ago, have been almost irreplaceable. Until now. Inheriting the best inking feature from thepopular Notes Plus app, now with its own automatic palm and wrist rejection, INKredible will make writing on a tablet feel as good as, or even greater than, pen on paper. You have to try it to believe it. It’s incredible!


    INKredible has only ONE single mission: to create an outstanding writing experience on a tablet. It is meant to be distraction-free. In fact most of the time, you will not see any UI controls or buttons, just a blank sheet of paper to write on.


    With more than 3 years of R&D in vector-graphics inking technology, we are confident INKredible – with a sophisticated manipulation of Bezier curves – will make your handwriting look more beautiful than on paper.

    Even more specially, it will look good in any resolution, for printing or displaying purposes. Just zoom in and you will see why INKredible is unique among other handwritingapps.

    … and, well, PERFECT!

    OK, the INKredible writing experience on a tablet might not be perfect, but it is as close to perfection as you can find.

    Try it today and see for yourself.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    INKredible Paid Version | Mirror


  • posted at 10:30 pm on May 14, 2016

    IP Webcam Pro 1.12.2r Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    unnamed (1)

    IP Webcam Pro

    View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access.

    Use IP Webcam with tinyCam Monitor on another android device or with third-party MJPG software, including video surveillance software, security monitors and most audioplayers.


    • Several web renderers to choose from: Flash, Javascript or built-in
    • Video recording in webm or MPEG4 (on Android 4.1+)
    • Audio streaming in wav, opus and AAC (AAC requires Android 4.1+)
    • Motion detection with sound trigger, Tasker integration.
    • Date, time and battery level video overlay.
    • Sensor data acquisition with online web graphing.
    • Videochat support (e.g. Skype, Chatroulette, only video stream for Windows only via an universal MJPEG video streaming driver)

    Fixed crash on older x86-based devices
    Orientation workaround for Nexus 5X
    Background streaming works again
    UVC camera support via OTG
    Plug-in support
    Email/FTP/SFTP/Dropbox uploader support via plug-ins
    New MKV video format for best quality/size/compatibility tradeoff
    Ivideon is supported on Android 4.0 and earlier
    Ability to switch resolutions and cameras on the fly.
    Japanese translation
    Other small features and bugfixes.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!



    Download Links

    IP Webcam Pro | Mirror


  • posted at 8:50 pm on May 13, 2016

    Simply Unroot PRO 7.16 Patched Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Simply Unroot PRO 

    Your Android device is rooted?
    You don’t know how to unroot your Android device?
    Your device is found to be unsafe?
    You can’t run certain apps like streaming services, online banking or others?
    You think you have to send your device in for repair?
    You just want check root aceess?
    Use Simply Unroot.
    Simply Unroot is the best solution to unroot your device safely, efficiently and without a lot of effort.

    All files needed for root access will be removed from the system partition and previously created backup files will be restored.

    Personal data will not be delated and eFuse Chip or Samsung status will not be restored to Official.
    There is no guarantee that OTA Update errors will be fixed.
    Almost all devices and superuser apps are supported.
    Be sure you have full read/write permissions on /system partition.


    • Fixed compatibility issues with Kingroot v4.9
    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

     Simply Unroot PRO | Mirror

  • posted at 10:10 am on May 13, 2016

    Whistle Camera – Selfie & More PRO 1.5.0 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 


    Whistle Camera – Selfie & More PRO

    It’s Amazing!!! Whistle and take a picture!!!
    Taking a picture never been so easy and fun – just whistle and your cam will automatically make a high quality picture.
    Selfie photos have never been so easy and fun to do!!!
    Just use the front or rear camera, whistle and smile… if you want you can use the App’s countdown option.
    Want to take beautiful landscape photos while driving?
    Just leave the phone mounted to the windshield, open the app and whistle :)
    Can’t use the touch screen? just press the volume up button..!
    Or you can just use the old fashion Android way to take the photo using the screen button.
    ★ Whistle detecting camera.
    ★ High quality pictures.
    ★ Auto focus.
    ★ Easy holding and taking pictures just with one hand.
    ★ Using the volume up button for more easy way to take a picture.
    ★ Picture sites hands free while driving using the whistle.
    ★ Selfie pictures using cam countdown.
    ★ Both landscape and portrait orientation supported
    ★ A very useful and fast picture gallery
    ★ Share your photos
    ★ Easy edit your photos

    What’s New
    ★★ Version 1.5.0 ★★
    —- VIDEO —–
    1. We added Video mode support (PRO).
    2. You can start capturing video by shaking your phone.
    —- CAMERA —–
    1. Now you can get back to the camera from the notification bar.
    2. Now you can turn on the flashlight during preview for a better view at night before you take a picture.
    —- GALLERY —–
    New grid view gallery (select multiple files for delete or share).
    —- EFFECTS and FILTERS—–
    1. More effects.
    2. Now you can fix your photos.

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    Whistle Camera Pro | Mirror

  • posted at 8:30 am on May 13, 2016

    Autosync OneDrive – OneSync ULTIMATE 2.8.3 Apk is Here! [LATEST] 

    Autosync OneDrive – OneSync ULTIMATE

    Sync and share any files! Photos, videos, documents, PDF, MP3, ebooks, backups,…
    New files in your device are instantly uploaded to OneDrive. New files in OneDrive are automatically downloaded into your device. If you delete a file on one side, it will be deleted on the other side. It works across multiple devices (your phone and your tablet). If their folders are synced with the same OneDrive account, they will be kept in sync with each other.

    This is how OneDrive desktop client works but it’s not the same with the official OneDrive app. The OneDrive app is all manual. OneSync is all about automation. For example, it can be configured to instantly upload new photos to a folder in OneDrive. Those photos can be automatically downloaded to your other devices. If you later delete the bad photos on one device or in your OneDrive, this app will delete them everywhere. You take photos by your phone, get home, all those photos automatically show up in your OneDrive folder on your computer. No manual work required.

    Two-way automatic sync should be an essential feature of the official OneDrive app itself since the beginning. For whatever reason it is not the case. OneSync is here to fill the gap.


    ✓ Full two-way autosync running in background, just like OneDrive on desktop
    ✓ Many sync modes. Not only two-way, you can also choose Upload only, Upload then delete, Download only, Download mirror,…
    ✓ Instant upload: new files (for example photos) are uploaded to OneDrive immediately
    ✓ Very efficient, consumes almost no battery
    ✓ Easy to set up. Once set up files will be kept in sync without any effort from users
    ✓ Works reliably under ever changing network conditions on your phone
    ✓ Monitors battery level, WiFi/3G/4G/WiMax connectivity and adapts its behavior according to user preferences
    ✓ Configurable autosync interval: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour,…
    ✓ Tasker/Locale plugin to allow power users to define sophisticated sync schedules and conditions

    If you like this app, please consider upgrading to PRO version. By doing so you support the development efforts and get access to Pro features. You can do so via in-app purchase.


    ✓ Sync multiple pairs of folders
    ✓ Sync the whole OneDrive with a folder in your device
    ✓ Upload files larger than 8 MB
    ✓ Protect app settings with passcode
    ✓ No ads displayed in the app
    ✓ Email support by developer


    ✓ Preserve timestamps when upload files to OneDrive Personal
    ✓ Added option to allow autosync over 3G/4G/LTE but not on slow 2G
    If you like this app please spend a moment to write a nice review or to give it a 5-star rating. It would be very helpful to us. Thanks!

    How to Install?
    1. Download Apk (link below).
    2. On your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
    3. Find downloaded APK on your phone and install it.
    4. All Done. Enjoy!


    Download Links

    Autosync OneDrive Ultimate | Mirror