If you are a fan of On HAX,We think that we won’t need to remember what we have done in past 4 years.Since we are students, it’s a great challenge for us to create all these software,algorithms just as you request.The hardest part is managing the Hosting Payments.

On HAX is free, and always will be free for everyone. We are really appreciate to provide such wonderful service for you for free.

But, unlike On HAX itself, servers that power up On HAX are not free.

  • Main server costs 200$ per month
  • CloudFlare PRO costs 20$ per month
  • Also we have to pay for monthly Internet bills, and annual domain registration fees

Total monthly costs are expanding $300, so if you can, you can donate us, link us or even support us by clicking a simple ad :)

Donation Methods
you can donate any amount of money to these credentials. even a cent can do a change :)

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Thank you for helping ! Or even using On HAX :)