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  • posted at 2:00 am on May 7, 2016

    How to Fix Pen Drive Shortcut Problem! [GUIDE][UPDATED] 







    Fix Pen Drive Shortcut Problem

    USB Shortcut problem is now becoming more & more common. Due to fault reasons, this problem automatically starts appearing in a Pen Drive. In this, after entering the USB Drive, a shortcut get appearing in place of the content files of the pen drive, to access the original data you have to further click the shortcut.

    We can easily solve this using either by a software or using Command Prompt. I will discuss both the methods here:

    Method 1. Using a Software

    USB Fix is a great software to fix shortcut and other virus related problems in USB Drives. UsbFix is a free malware removal tool that helps you to detect and remove infected USB memory sticks or any other USB removable devices, such as external HDD’s, smartphones, digital cameras or other peripherals that connects to your computer or laptop via the USB port.
    Key Features

    • Support offered directly from the software interface. You are able to post your issues on UsbFix’s forum.
    • UsbFix can detect and remove infections found on your removable devices.
    • UsbFix repairs the damaged files to your PC, such as: registry, hidden files, task manager etc.
    • Back-up support: UsbFix will backup your files and folders.
    • Vaccination option: UsbFix prevents future infections by creating new autorun.inf files on removable drives.


    1. Download USB fix and install it. (If your antivirus showing virus in this software then disable it for a few minutes)
    2. Close all the programs from taskbar, you are running, because when it start it auto close your all programs and you may lose your data.
    3. Connect all of your external storages to computer > Choose clean
    4. It automatically cleans your shortcut virus problems from all USB storages and don’t forget to restart your computer after using this tool because it make changes in windows directory and until you restart your computer, your computer will not work properly.



    Method 2.  Using Command Prompt (cmd) 

    1. Press the Windows button and then in the run or search type “cmd”  and press enter. (To be simple “Start”  -> Run -> type cmd and click on OK.)
    2. Here I’ll assume your pen drive letter as K, and now enter the following command in the command prompt window. attrib -h -r -s /s /d k:\*.* (See the below screenshot. There should be a backslash after k in the above command. So please see the command in the below screenshot).
    3. You can just copy the above command  and paste it in the command prompt. To do that right-click in the Command Prompt and select paste because keyboard shortcuts won’t work and now press enter.
    4. Now check for your files in Pen Drive and I’m sure that they were all normal as before.



    Don’t forget to replace the letter k with your pen drive letter.

    Tips For avoiding Shortcut Virus

    • Don’t open USB before scanning
    • Don’t connect your storages to those computers who don’t have Antivirus Program
    • Avoid third party software’s
    • Keep up to date your antivirus program
    • Run boot time scans once in 2-3 weeks
    • Don’t open harmed websites

    Download Links

    UsbFix 8.156 (3.1 MB)

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      sir, won’t it be easy to just install a decant antivirus

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      Can it fix a bricked pendrive

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        No, but there are some other ways by which bricked pendrive can be revived, you can google it

  • posted at 11:00 pm on May 1, 2016

    Lego Marvel Avengers Reloaded Cracked PC Game is Here ! [Latest] 

    Lego Marvel Avengers

    Avengers Assemble! The best-selling LEGO® MARVEL videogame franchise returns with a new action-packed, Super Hero adventure. Join the LEGO® MARVEL’s Avengers team and experience a videogame featuring characters and storylines from the critically-acclaimed films and more. Play as the most powerful Super Heroes in their quest to save the world.

    How To Install ?

    1. Burn Or mount the image
    2. Install The Game
    3. Copy The crack
    4. Enjoy :)

    System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz) / AMD Phenom x4 9850 (2.5 GHz)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GT 430 (1024 MB)/ Radeon HD 6850 (1024 MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 14 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP and DirectX® 9.0b and below not supported




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    Download Link

    The Avengers Explorer Character Pack DLC-BAT (3.6 MB) | Mirror

    Lego Marvel Avengers Reloaded (13.11 GB) | Mirror | Torrent Link

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    NRGplayer Music Player v2.0.2c Cracked Apk is Here! [Unlocker] 

    NRGplayer Music Player

    NRGplayer – a free beautiful music player for Android with an equalizer that plays songs from folders and has customizable user interface. You can select tracks in 5 categories: folders, songs, albums, artists and genres. Add them all to playlist in one touch. There are no borders between directories and media library anymore. Just press ADD button on the left bottom corner. Then tap on checkboxes on the right side of any list item. When you select everything you want just press “Add” or “Play” button

    • Popular format playback
    • Lossless formats
    • 10 band graphic equalizer with presets
    • Sound effects
    • Custom interface colors and background
    • Convenient circle rewind for audiobooks and podcasts
    • Volume buttons playback control
    • Switch folders, albums or artists in one motion
    • More……………..

    How To Install ?

    1. Download NRGplayer Music Player & Unlocker
    2. Install NRGplayer Music Player
    3. Install Unlocker
    4. Open Unlocker
    5. Enjoy 🙂


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    Download Link

    NRGplayer Music Player v2.0.2c Apk (6.5 MB) | Mirror

    NRGplayer Music Player Unlocker Apk (111 KB) | Mirror


    NRGplayer Music Player v2.0.2A Apk (6.5 MB) | Mirror

    NRGplayer Music Player v2.0.1h Apk (6.5 MB) | Mirror

    NRGplayer Music Player Unlocker Apk (6.5 MB) | Mirror

    NRGplayer Music Player V2.0.0 Apk (8.5 MB) | Mirror | Mirror

    NRGplayer Music Player Unlocker Apk (111 KB) | Mirror | Mirror

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      hi Lingki
      can you pleez help me by cracking this app called (root call sms manager)
      coz i need it but i cannot hack it with Freedom or Lucky patcher

  • posted at 10:00 pm on April 16, 2016

    Clashbot/Boostbot VIP Version is Here! [Updated][Latest Version] 


    ClashBot VIP Version

    ClashBot uses the BlueStacks Android emulator to play Clash of Clans right from your computer. Utilizing advanced image recognition algorithms we are able to detect Clash of Clans objects and apply specific algorithms and methods to each task that needs to be completed. The end result is a beautiful Clash of Clans bot that has dozens of customization options.

    Easy To Use

    We know Clash of Clans botting might be a first for many people which is why we made the interface extremely simple to use and configure. Not only is our help documentation extremely detailed but we also have an enourmous community of incredible individuals who are willing to help you with any problems you may have. The ClashBot community is like a second family.

    No Hacks or Jailbreaks Required

    ClashBot allows you to bot Clash of Clans on your computer using BlueStacks, meaning there is no reason to modify your mobile device using sketchy roots or jailbreaks. ClashBot uses this system to makes sure that you’re always online and will never have to worry about being raided again!

    You Choose How You Bot

    Everyone has different needs and are at different stages in their Clash of Clans career. This means settings should be custom and tailored specifically to each individual user. Our features allow you to choose what troops to automatically train, what troops to automatically request and donate, what search settings to automatically search for, and what bases you wish to automatically attack and with what attack method, and much more!.

    Premium Info

    • Advanced/Prioritized VIP Support
    •  Early Access to Public BETA Releases
    •  Advanced Troop Training and Attacking
    •  Automatic Wall and Building Upgrades
    •  Avoid Strong Bases To Increase Loot Per Hour
    •  Automatic Trophy Pushing & Dropping
    •  Automatic Troop Requesting
    •  Smart Troop Donating
    •  Force Attack Button
    •  Automatic Chat Messages (Advertising in Global)
    •  Boost Barracks, Dark Barracks, Queen, King and Warden
    •  Reduce BlueStacks usage and speed up your computer
    •  PushBullet Mobile Notifications
    •  Save Loot Images and Analysis Images
    •  Notifications upon finding a base
    •  Hours of operation anti-ban feature
    •  Ability to change resolution of BlueStacks when done botting
    •  No advertisements

    Release 7.10.5 Contains

    • Custom Troops Overhaul
    • You can now donate all types of troops again

    How to Run :[Important]

    • Download my ClashBot from Below
    • Extract it Anywhere
    • Download VIPLoader.exe and Copy to Clashbot Folder
    • Launch ClashVIPLoader and click [ Launch ]
    • Use ANY username and pass in ClashBot (BoostBot) to login
    • Enjoy 🙂



    Clashbot (9.5MB) | Mirror

    VIPLoader.exe (2.3MB) | Mirror

    BlueStacks Rooted

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        You will only get VIP access on the bot only not on the Main Site

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      when i click on startbot than this error massage generate..plz help

      error you have selected ‘build’ but not created a troop set yet! go to the !build’ tab!

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      trops boost is not work plz help me

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        Try again if it works

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      very good

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      Author, how to solve the issue? “you have selected build but not created a troop-set yet go to building tab” and I already did.

      Is there something that I missed?

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        Zel Fernando

        Many thanks,,,, you really solved the issue,,,, Thanks again,,,,

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        ZeL Fernando

        Unfortunately the bot keeps freezing when it try to build troops in the barracks, i think because that we copied the file from the original folder to the cracked one, is it working fine at ur side?

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          share file please 😀 ?

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      Kindly Please update to the latest version ClashBot_7.13.1.2036 . I really love your cracks and it is working, Thank You 🙂 More Power.!

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    MessengerTime 1.12 For PC is Here! [EXCLUSIVE] 


    Staying in contact with your online buddies can be difficult to attain, especially if you have no appropriate means of doing so.Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to rely on numerous software solutions and services that can help you keep in touch in a convenient manner. One of these applications is MessengerTime.Note that you need an Internet connection and a Facebook account if you want to benefit from this application’s features entirely.Stylish user interfaceThis application comes with a smooth design, polished buttons and intuitive captions, thus allowing you to understand and use it to its full extent without great efforts.It is also possible to call a configuration menu where you can change certain parameters related to your account, sound, notifications and blocking.Simple Facebook messengerYou can rely on this application to keep in touch with your Facebook contacts in a convenient way


    Download Link

    MessengerTime 1.1.2 Latest PC (27.8 MB) | Mirror

    MessengerTime 5.1.8 PC (27.8 MB) | Mirror | Mirror

    MessengerTime 5.1.7 PC (27.8 MB) | Mirror

  • posted at 10:12 pm on January 28, 2016

    Windows 7 Product Key Plus Serial Number Is Here! [Latest] 

    Windows 7 Product Key

    When you need to verify and activate your Windows copy after ending 30 days of trial period installation. If you want to activate Windows 7 online you will need Windows 7 Activation key to verify your Windows copy that helps to prevent Software Falsification and updates. You can easily find out Windows 7 pro product key on the inside of your package. If you unable to find your product key, you might requirement to purchase a valid genuine product key. Check how to update Windows 7 online free. When you start the process of Windows 7 Activation, it will ask you for an internet connection. If you have any fine working Internet at your home you can easily activate windows online.

    Steps to Activate Windows by using an Internet Connection

    • Click on Start Button, and open Windows 7 Activation.
    • Right Click on Computer, Go to Properties and click on Activate Windows Now.
    • It will ask you for an internet connection connect with an internet and click on Activate Windows Online now.
    • Type Administrator Password and click on OK.
    • Type of your Windows 7 Activation key and then go with the instructions.

    Steps to Activate Windows by using a Modem

    • Click on Start, Right Click on Computer, Go to Properties and click on Activate Windows Now.
    • Click on Show me other ways to activate.
    • Write your Windows 7 activation key and click on Next.
    • Now click on Use mu modem to connect directly to the activation service. Type your administrator password and confirm it.
    • Click on the nearest location from the drop down list, Click on the Next and process the instructions.
    • These are two process of Activation Windows if you have valid Windows 7 Activation//product key. I understand! it is pretty quite costly to buy Windows Key from Microsoft. Officially it’s not legitimate method to Activate Windows but I’ve mentioned few latest Updated Windows activation keys below. Try your Luck.


    Windows 7 Activation Key 32 Bit and 64 bit

    1. KJDSF-H7346-NFDS8-93438-9NFDH
    2. F8934-9834N-KLSDF-NIFN9-84938
    3. FNJKN-89349-8Y4NK-FJDSB-HFJ92
    4. 0797M-KBFGJ-G3469-8364N-DKSBJ
    5. M9821-4KJHG-FDGFB-37Y46-4FGHF
    6. 734BU-YV734-UN78O-EFWKN-E23H7
    7. F8364-FN873-4Y78N-D3728-ND873
    8. 4983W-4YVJN-REFBR-EYFBY-U7873
    9. 21Y69-378BJ-SBDVB-FGREB-FDSUB
    10. C8731-94T59-HFIWF-NWOM3-27BDF
    11. 78DSF-146DF-GD578-4JDBV-HFDVB
    12. GFYUEN-SJH7W-84657-67896-34978
    14.  Windows 7 Activation Key 64 Bit:
    15. 34F8R-EFUFN-84H45-H4874-5YY4H
    16. R8745-784HF-78347-64GQ3-U7834
    17. HF78N-F787H-3411J-2RUYR-78ASK
    20. KWOOJ-SEXZR3-64897-32DFK-JMGOW
    21. JMOJE-WIUE9-34F8R-EFUFN-84H45
    22. H4874-5YY4H-R8745-784HF-7834GF
    23. 764GQ-3U783-4HF78-NF787-H3411
    26. 7434H-DKSJM-FKWOO-JSEXZ-R3648
    27. 9732D-FKJMG-OWJMO-JEWIU-E9834
    28. 095HG-789SE-045U7-809LO-437UY
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    Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Cordex Cracked PC Game [Repack] [Black Box] [R.G. Mechanics] [Latest] 

    Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India

    A thrilling new saga in the Assassin’s Creed Universe, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles take players to three distinct civilizations and time periods throughout history: the start of the Ming Dynasty crumble, the Sikh Empire going at war in India and the aftermath of Red October revolution.

    System Requirement

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (32/64bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTS450 or AMD Radeon HD5770 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

    How To Install ?

    1. Burn Or mount the image
    2. Install The Game
    3. Copy The crack
    4. Enjoy



    Notes: start the game from the desktop shortcut.

     Download Link
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    The Minions Transformation Pack For Win10/8.1/8/7 is Here! [For Minions Fans Only] 

    The Minions Transformation Pack

    The new version of Minion SkinPack is here now! the best experiences of Minion in Windows 7/8/8.1. in this new version we update many parts of pack, now the installer not need to restart your Windows and it will transform your Windows 7/8/8.1 to Minion just in a few minutes, we fix all bugs and problems in pack and update many things, also now one installer works on Windows 7/8/8.1. Hope you like this new pack and enjoy it!


    • Cool Transparent/Glass Dock
    • New Start Menu
    • A lot of Icons
    • Many More, Find Out yourself


    1. Download the file given below
    2. Extract it
    3. Rename “Setup.ex_ to Setup.exe” and run it
    4. Install it usually
    5. Done


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    The Minions Transformation Pack For Win 10/8.1/8/7 (16MB) | Mirror

  • posted at 11:00 pm on January 10, 2016

    What to Do When Windows Update Gets Stuck or is Frozen !! 


    Most of the time, Windows Update does its job with little attention from us. While we might check and install updates manually from time to time, most Windows 10 computers are configured to apply important updates automatically while older versions usually apply these fixes the night of Patch Tuesday.

    Reasons Of Freezing Updates !

    Most often, these types of problems are due to a software conflict or a preexisting issue that simply wasn’t brought to light until the Windows updates started installing. Much more rarely they’re caused by a mistake on Microsoft’s part regarding the update itself. There’s an actual issue with Windows that can cause Windows Update installations to freeze like this but it’s only applicable to Windows Vista and only if SP1 hasn’t yet been installed.

    If your computer fits that description, install Windows Vista SP1 or later or this update to solve the problem.

    Steps To Fix ??

    1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. In some situations, the Windows update(s) may be hung at a very particular part of the installation process and you could be presented with your Windows login screen after executing the Ctrl-Alt-Delkeyboard command.If so, log on as you normally would and let the updates continue to install successfully.Note: If your computer restarts after the Ctrl-Alt-Del, read the second Note in Step 2 below. If nothing happens (most likely) then move on to Step 2.
    2. Restart your computer, using either the reset button or by powering it off and then back on using the power button. Hopefully, Windows will start normally and finish installing the updates.I realize that you’re probably explicitly told notto do this by the message on the screen, but if the Windows update installation is truly frozen then you have no other choice but to hard-reboot.Tip: Depending on how Windows and BIOS/UEFI are configured, you may have to hold down the power button for several seconds before the computer will turn off. On a tablet or laptop, removing the battery may be necessary.Note: If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 8, and you’re taken to the sign-in screen after the restart, try tapping or clicking the power icon on the bottom-right and choosing Update and Restart, if available.Note: If you’re automatically taken to the Advanced Boot Options or Startup Settings menu after restarting, choose Safe Mode and see the comments in Step 3 below.
    3. Start Windows in Safe Mode. This special diagnostic mode of Windows only loads the minimum drivers and service that Windows absolutely needs so if another program or service is conflicting with one of the Windows updates, the install might finish up just fine.If the Windows updates do install successfully and you continue to Safe Mode, just restart from there to enter Windows normally.
    4. Complete a System Restore to undo the changes made so far by the incomplete installation of the Windows updates. Since you can’t access Windows normally, try doing this from Safe Mode. See the link in Step 2 if you’re not sure how to start in Safe Mode.Note: During the System Restore, be sure to choose the restore point created by Windows just prior to the update installation.Assuming a restore point was made and System Restore is successful, your computer should be returned to the state it was in before the updates started. If this problem occurred after automatic updating, like what happens on Patch Tuesday, be sure to change Windows Update settings so this problem doesn’t reoccur on its own.
    5. Try System Restore from Advanced Startup Options (Windows 10 & 8) orSystem Recovery Options (Windows 7 & Vista) if you’re not able to access Safe Mode or if the restore failed from Safe Mode. Since these menus of tools are available from “outside” of Windows, you can try this even if Windows is completely unavailable.Important: System Restore is only available from outside of Windows if you’re using Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. This option is not available in Windows XP.
    6. Start your computer’s “automatic” repair process. While a System Restore is a more direct way of undoing changes, in this case a Windows update, sometimes a more comprehensive repair process is in order.In Windows 10 and Windows 8, try a Startup Repair. If that doesn’t do the trick, try the Reset This PC process (the non – destructive option, of course).In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, try the Startup Repair process.In Windows XP, try the Repair Install process.
    7. Test your computer’s memory. It’s possible that failing RAM could be causing the patch installations to freeze. Luckily memory is really easy to test.
    8. Update BIOS. An outdated BIOS isn’t a common cause for this problem, but it’s possible.
    9. Clean install Windows. A clean install involves completely erasing the hard drive that Windows is installed on and then installing Windows again from scratch on that same drive.Note: It might seem likely that reinstalling Windows, and then these same exact Windows updates, will cause the same problem but that isn’t usually what happens. Since most lock-up issues caused by updates by Microsoft are actually software conflicts, a clean install of Windows, followed promptly by the installation of all available updates, usually results in a perfectly working computer.
    10. If you somehow succeed in login then you should try Windows Update Troubleshooter which can be downloaded using links in “Downloads” section.

    Please let me know if you’ve had success escaping a hung Windows update installation using a method I don’t have included in the troubleshooting above. I’d be happy to include it here.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Applies To

    Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more.

    Still Having Freezing Issues Related to Windows Update?

    Windows 10 updates seem to get stuck much more often because Microsoft pushes those fixes out more regularly.

    Be sure to let me know exactly what’s happening, what updates you’re installing (if you know) and what steps, if any, you’ve already taken to try to fix the problem.


    Windows Update Troubleshooter.zip [ 1.1 Mb] /  Mirror