XPERSKY – The kaspersky crack & trial resetter

Here we go.Another awesome tool.XPERSKY can be used for both Kaspersky Internet security 2014 & Kaspersky Anti Virus 2014. This tool is an improvement of our old Kaspersky trial resetter which became inactive with Kaspersky updates.However we don’t know if Kaspersky will fix their apps to defend XPERSKY too.Anyway no need of more blah blah, enjoy the release :)

Kaspersky 2015 User ? : Kaspersky 2015 All Products Trial Resetter is Here !

How to Crack  / Reset trial period ?

  1. Install Kaspersky Internet security 2014 Or Kaspersky Anti Virus 2014
  2. Activate trial license and install latest updates
  3. Go to Settings > Additional > Self-Defense and disable Self Defense [ image ]
  4. Now Exit from Kaspersky using the system tray icon
  5. Download and Run XPERSKY
  6. Select the kaspersky product you have installed
  7. Click Reset Now or Install License
  8. Wait till a message box appears
  9. Done :) Open Kaspersky and enjoy

Notes & Details

  • You HAVE TO disable self-defense and exit from kaspersky EVERY TIME you install a new license or reset trial period
  • Crack means ; XPERSKY can install kaspersky licenses till the end of 2014.Just choose a license and press install button
  • Trial resetter works only for Kaspersky Internet Security.Sometimes it may work for Anti Virus too
  • More keys will be added with updates.Bookmark this page now :)
  • XPERSKY is not compatible with Windows xp

Direct Download Link


XPERSKY Download

XPERSKY.rar (220 KB) / Mirrors

Kaspersky Download

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 trial setup (229 MB)

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 trial setup (230 MB)

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